Find your perfect Lipstick. (Taken from 'Essentials Magazine' September 2010)

If you're Fair
  • Don't go too pale - a berry or slightly rose tone is nice for more natural lips, so they look healthy and sensuous.
  • looking for the perfect red? Try a very blue red or a deep brick red.
  • Use a reddish lipstick shade as a stain for natural bitten-looking lips

If you're Medium

  • Olive skins look great with a tomato orangey-red.
  • You should always invest in a great nude - try a creamy beige, light peach or pinkish-rose.
  • Want a deeper berry shade? Go for a sheer grape colour.

TIP: Got thin lips? Dark shades will just make them look thinner, so choose paler shades,closer to your natural lip colour

If you're Dark

  • Your perfect red is either one with a blue or coral tone to it.
  • Deeper skin tones suit browns and plums. Go for something dark and dramatic - your colouring can really take it.
  • A gorgeous deep coral will also look amazing and give your skin a great glow.


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